• Ashleigh Gould has us singing and dancing in Butchulla. Ngirrma Puwal Pukang, 2014

    Advocating for biennial state meetings.

  • Pictured with the new logo on display are QILAC members Leonora Adidi, Bridget Priman, Faith Baisden, Joy Bonner and Melinda Holden.

    Working toward a First Languages Policy that will benefit of all Queenslanders.

  • Butchella Student at the State Library

    Ensuring that first languages are included in Queensland curriculum in line with language community aspiration

  • Melinda Holden introduces the interactive Queensland Languages Map. Ngirrma Puwal Pukang,  2014

    Compiling an interactive map of Queensland languages and their family groups.

The Queensland Indigenous Languages Advisory Committee (QILAC) was formed in 2005
by Language Centre representatives and other language workers, in recognition of the
need for a state body to advocate for Queensland’s first languages.

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Kanji Waiburra – Wrap up

Jun 29, 2016

Kanji Waiburra, Queensland’s 2016 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages Forum, was a vibrant event coordinated collaboratively by the …

Diploma of Language Work

Diploma of Language Work

May 20, 2016

Charles Darwin University is now offering a Diploma of Language Work.

Down load the PDF DILW Session …

Documentary released: Yamani – Voices of an Ancient Land

Documentary released: Yamani – Voices of an Ancient Land

May 17, 2016

QILAC is delighted to announce the public release of our documentary, Yamani – Voices of …

Queensland students feature in Marrin Gamu

Queensland students feature in Marrin Gamu

May 17, 2016

In collaboration with First Languages Australia Queensland students participated in Marrin Gamu, a song for Primary …

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