The program for Bana Guyurru, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Language Forum 2019 is packed with presentations, workshops and discussion groups around themes such as well-being, language mapping, working with schools or learning through song.

Over the two days we’ll explore the many ways that communities and schools are collaborating to teach their local languages; learn about the latest tools and methods to support your work; and mingle with language legends young and old.

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Highlights include:

* A presentation from the Ma-Cha-Nja revival team. Ma-Cha-Nja is the Mpakwithi concept of the trinity of (hu)man, language and land.

* Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships workshop. The Queensland Government’s Proposed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages Policy. A plan to see first language activities implemented across all sectors of government.

* A pronunciation workshop lead by Nathan Schreiber. Nathan’s teaching skills will be in action while he shares tips on how to pronounce the diverse sounds of our languages.

* An immersion cooking class lead by Leonora Adidi and Elizabeth Fa’aoso. You may be surprised at just how much you can understand when someone is providing thoughtful instructions in a language you are yet to learn.
On Tuesday evening, the Queensland Indigenous Languages Committee invite you to join us for…

Yawun Yarbil, Sunset Songs

Sharing the joy of our languages in song has become a feature of our [QILAC conferences]( and this year we’re inviting you to take part in Yawun Yarbil Sunset Songs. If you have a song in your language you would like to teach to a willing new choir, (and even those not so willing we will coax to join in) we will break into groups on Tuesday afternoon to sing and play with song together. Afterwards as we share relaxing evening drinks and nibbles, the groups will take turns to sing up what they have learned earlier.

If you would like to share a song with one of the groups [please let us know]( and we’ll arrange to print out song sheets for you. If you are handy with a guitar, ukele or drum please bring them along to add to the event and others maybe start practicing your back-up singer moves.


There has been an excellent media response with Bumma Bippera Radio broadcasting live from the event, the ABC attending to record their station IDs in each of the languages represented, and the State Library of Queensland and North Queensland Regional Language

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