Cherbourg kids power up by breaking language down

Children’s learning is booming in Cherbourg because of a new teaching method. Many of its youngsters speak home language with a different grammar structure to the standard Australian English they’re hit with when they start school. Don’t believe me? Well, if I said “dem ova der em looka dat diddy orse” you’d know what it […]

Indigenous Literacy

Jeanie Adams of Black Ink Press in Townsville, Northern Queensland, talks about some of the reasons for low literacy among many indigenous Australians. ‘As an indigenous teenager here in Townsville said “what have books got to do with us sir, books are for whitefellas”. And if you are black and you live in the bush […]

Cairns Indigenous Art Fair set for big 2012

Indigenous LOTE program saves dying language

Speaking to one another is something we take for granted but for some people their language is slowly dying. The community of Woorabinda, 200 kilometres west of Rockhampton, is paving a new way for education with their Indigenous LOTE program. The program is teaching primary school students the Ghungalu dialect. Chairman of the Woorabinda LOTE […]

Indigenous languages disappearing as lobbying starts for bilingual programmes

The Chair of an Aboriginal language group in north Queensland says urgent funding is needed before 80 per cent of indigenous languages spoken in the region are lost. The North Queensland Regional Aboriginal Language Corporation [NQRALC] Chair, Troy Wyles-Whelan addressed the standing committee for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs [ATSIA] on language via uplink […]

Are some of the children in remote areas non-English-speaking and do they need to be taught in their own traditional language?

An interesting article in the Courier Mail which raises the above question. Read the article

Losing Language, Losing Knowledge

Audio, transcript and quotes from the 2011 Brisbane Writers Festival panel session with Andrew Westoll, Wade Davis, Susan Hawthorne chaired by Faith Baisden. The audio segments are about 30mins each. Presentations BWF audio presentations Questions BWF audio questions BWF 2011 Transcript

Australian linguicide

ABC 612am. DRIVE. 10 April 2012 , 4:08 PM by Peter Gooch It’s not a record to be proud of, but Australia appears to be world champions at linguicide, the killing of languages. Out of an estimated 250 spoken by indigenous people only 20 are now in common usage. Linguistics professor GHIL’AD ZUCKERMANN is urging […]

Only 10 per cent of world’s languages left by 2100

Linguistic analysts predict that 90 per cent of the world’s languages will disappear by the end of this century and topping the threatened list are Australian Indigenous languages. Adelaide University’s linguistics professor Ghil’ad Zuckermann is urging the Australian community to preserve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, saying they should be better recognised as part […]

Strait Talking

Article by Living Black – 9 April 2012 As the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander languages in use dwindles there’s one Indigenous language that’s growing Yumplatok, Stefan Armbruster reports from the Torres Strait.